PartyBux Challenge Races

Want to test your skills against other PartyBux players? Here is your chance! Take part in our PartyBux Challenge Races and earn extra cash in July.

Race # Month Site Prize Pool Leaderboard
1 July Titan Poker $1,500 View Leaderboard
2 July 1-8 Cake Poker $20,000 View Leaderboard
2 July 8-15 Cake Poker $20,000 View Leaderboard
2 July 15-22 Cake Poker $20,000 View Leaderboard
2 July 22-30 Cake Poker $20,000 View Leaderboard
2 July 1-30 Cake Poker $20,000 View Leaderboard
3 July Carbon Poker $10,000 View Leaderboard
4 July Black Chip Poker $10,000 View Leaderboard
5 July Red Kings $10,000 View Leaderboard
6 July 9-30 Party Poker $10,000 View Leaderboard

What is a Challenge Race?

The PartyBux Challenge Race is a competition among PartyBux players. The Challenge Race rewards the players who are working the hardest to build their free bankrolls. You can win up to $5,500 this month by placing in each Challenge Race when earning the most Points this month. This promotion is available to all eligible PartyBux players, not just players that have received the free bankroll.

Each Leaderboard is updated daily. To help you track your ranking, your screenname will be highlighted on each Leaderboard when you are logged in to your YPC account.

Please note that PartyBux Challenge Race payments for July will be made around 15th.

Players on the final leaderboards for will be paid around the 15th of July.

If you are not on the leaderboard, and you want to know how many Points you have, just Click Here to send us a message. We can give you your Points earned through the previous day. Replies are usually given the next business day Monday through Friday.

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